RYNO Linesets

Available in mini-split, single coil and traditional styles

RYNO Linesets

Main features

The best copper and the toughest jacket.

  • UV resistant jacket
  • Kink resistant copper tube (tube is strictly according to ASTM B280, with right thickness and annealing)
  • Full compatibility with press-fitting and any fitting (tube has the appropriate thickness according to the standards; its accurate outer incising is tested to hold the seal of the fittings and o-rings)
  • Tested and rated up to 700 psi
  • Fully compliant to International Building Code, Energy Saving Building Code, California Title 24 (UL 723 25/50 rated, ASTM B280, ASTM B1003, UL 94 HBF, etc.)

Product range

25 ft, 30 ft, 35 ft, 50 ft, 82 ft, 100 ft, 164 ft
Copper Pipe OD
1/4 in, 3/8 in, 1/2 in, 5/8 in, 3/4 in, 7/8 in, 1-1/8 in
Insulation WT
1/2 in, 3/4 in, 1 in
RYNO Linesets

Better copper means less kinks, secure flares, and fewer call-backs. Better insulation means superior system performance and faster, easier set ups.

RYNO Linesets

Ptubes pluses

Nothing beats a RYNO line set

  • Made in and shipped direct from our facility in Honesdale, Pennsylvania
  • 99.9% virgin copper – no scrap, impurities, or corrosion for longer service life
  • State of the art machinery assures precision tubes for less kinks, better flares and easier braze
  • Super-clean inner surface – safe for any application
  • Zero gap between insulation and tube = TRUE R-Value
  • Toughest outer jacket on the market

Our products, made from virgin copper – never from scrap or recycle – virtually eliminates the pinhole leaks, flare cracks and kinking issues that cause installation delays and inspection failures. Our C12200 Cu-DHP, 99.9% pure copper tubes comply with ASTM B280 standard specification, suitable for R407 and R401 gas applications.

Half the battle installers face stems from poor grade tube insulation performance during and after the install – especially in mini-split applications. Our patented polyethylene skin resists tears and scratches and dramatically reduces drag through wall openings. Our insulation is low density, closed cell polyethylene. Available in ½ inch and ¾ inch thickness, it’s CFC and HCFC gas free and complies with ASTM C 1427-07 type 1, grade 1 material. Together, they provide a durable, great-looking sheath for the tubing in a variety of applications.

RYNO Linesets

For distributors

Flawless performance for distributors

Distributors stock RYNO pre-insulated line set for proven performance and fast delivery, they buy RYNO line set for several reasons.

RYNO Linesets
Did you know?

Most RYNO Line Set deliveries are received in days, not weeks!

The product fits the job

Mini-split installations have been on the rise for years and the value of a quality line set that can withstand the uncoiling process without kinking the tube – along with a tough jacket that resists tearing make it popular with contractors.

Fast delivery

Distributors can’t afford to overstock, just as they can’t afford to keep their customers waiting weeks for critical parts. RYNO is available in all the popular lengths and diameters and with the factory and warehouse in one place, the ability to fill orders in days, not weeks, is a huge advantage for distributors and their customers.

For contractors

Flawless performance on the job

Contractors need the best copper and the toughest jacket for ductless, mini-split and unitary installations.
When contractors need a line set – they rely on "RYNO".

RYNO Linesets
Did you know?

44% of HVAC sales will continue to be unitary air conditioners, which are the largest share of the demand.

Ideal for mini-splits

A cracked flare or a kinked tube causes delays and costs money. Mini-splits need tight, accurate connections especially with the higher pressures associated with R-410A. Superior copper – never from recycled scrap – creates sound flares and smooth bends. Maintaining insulation integrity is critical to the performance of any line set. The RYNO jacket is well known for its ability to adapt to tight corners during installation without tearing.

Time-tested quality

RYNO has been a trusted brand with contractors and the HVAC/R community across America for over 5 years. With the incredible growth of the ductless and mini-split market and the continued need for unitary repair and installation, RYNO will continue its stance of quality first for years to come.

For specifying engineers

Flawless performance in your specs

Design build construction connects specifying engineers with contractors: they have more to think about than ever.

RYNO Linesets
Did you know?

The HVAC industry in the USA is expected to see around $60 billion in revenues in the next 12 months.

Specifying engineers have more to think about than ever

Checking off all the code compliant items is just the tip of the iceberg for today’s engineer. Most design firms have adopted the “Design Build” delivery method to save time, money and minimize risk for the owner. This stronger alliance between specifier and contractor puts more focus on the total cost of ownership and overall system integrity – especially when it comes to HVAC design in commercial applications. In these situations, designers will work directly with HVAC installers with specific expertise in the latest VRF technology. Ultimately, the specifications will be influenced by both sides of the Design Build team.

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  • Proudly Made in the USA